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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup

Nano Brows, Microblading and Eyebrow Services in Birmingham

Brows By Gurdeep has provided beauty treatments and eyebrow services across Birmingham and its locals for over a year. Our team is experienced in assessing natural brow shape and avoiding over plucking eyebrows. From promoting a natural and balanced look to solving thin brow problems with microblading, brow tinting and extensions, we provide various eyebrow services, We ensure that our beauty experts follow the safety guidelines and use high-quality and hypoallergenic products to minimise the risk of irritation and skin allergies. We even host our own training sessions to gain full qualifications. 


Contact us today for more information on the hair and make-up training programme. You can see what we’ve been up to on our social media pages, or take a look at our testimonials to see what customers think of the transformations we complete.

Eyebrow Treatments And Services

Explore our beauty salon's eyebrow services and choose our dedicated team to provide a quality experience.

Eyebrow Services

You can achieve natural-looking eyebrows with fuller volume with a range of semi permanent brow techniques. We provide a wide range of brow services including microblading, HD brows, Hybrid Brows, Powder Brows and Ombre Brows.


Our specialism is Hyperrealism/Nano Brows and Combination Brows to create the most natural looking brows. These techniques the finest needles implanting pigment into the upper dermis layer of skin, using a machine. This procedure is far less traumatic than microblading, which cuts into the skin. 

A combination of techniques can be used to create your ideal brow look. We cover Birmingham and all surrounding areas. Call us now to book an appointment with our experts.

What Are Hyperrealism/Nano Brows?


Hyperealism/Nano brows are a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo that gives the brows volume and definition by adding fine hair strokes between the natural hairs.


It’s done with a PMU machine that implements PMU pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, deep enough to ensure it lasts a couple of years.


The pigments are inserted in thin strokes that resemble the brow hairs, so the final look is very natural.


The results stay visible for 1.5 to 2.5 years, at which point they’ll fade away if left untouched.


Who Is a Candidate for Nano Brows?

Anyone who wants a natural-looking enhancement for their brows! That said, there are some restrictions.


Nano brows work best on dry to normal skin, but they can work on oily skin, too.


Unlike microblading, which isn’t recommended for clients with oily skin and large pores due to strokes blurring, strokes created with a machine are more resilient to pigment migrations.


So you can get nano brows regardless of skin type, but be aware that pigments tend to fade faster from oilier skin.

What Are Combo Brows?


Combo brows, also known as combination brows or hybrid brows, are exactly what their name suggests – a combination of the two most popular brow tattoo techniques. Hyperrealism/Nano (hair stroke brows) and microshading (powder) techniques are used to create combo brows, that look attractive, yet natural, with a hint of powdery effect.


Combo brows, just like any other contemporary eyebrow tattoo, uses pigments formulated to fade after some time. So, combo brows last 1-3 years.


What Is So Special About Combo Brows?


Combo brows are getting more and more popular among people who really like the hair stroke eyebrow look but are not good candidates for microblading on its own. With combo eyebrows, they get hair strokes and some powdery shading which is great for people who have oily skin. Oily skin is not so great for microblading since the hair strokes get blurred after some time



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